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FAQ about results

Q Can you tell me about the universities’ selection criteria?
A ACER cannot provide detailed information about selection criteria or cut-off scores. Each university has different selection criteria and admission procedures, which can vary from year to year.

Refer to the universities’ websites and contact the universities concerned if you require further information.

Q Do I need to send my UMAT results to the universities?
A No. ACER will forward all UMAT results to the UMAT Consortium universities. The universities then match UMAT results to the applications submitted for university admission.

Q When will I receive my results?
A A UMAT Statement of Results will be provided to every candidate at the end of September. To protect candidate confidentiality, results cannot be released over the phone, by fax or by email.

Q How long are UMAT results current for?
A From 2012 UMAT scores can be used for admission to any of the UMAT Consortium universities ONLY in the year following the test. For example, results from UMAT2014 can be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2015 but NOT 2016. Do not register for UMAT2014 unless you are planning to apply for a course commencing in 2015 AND you meet the eligibility criteria specified in the UMAT2014 Information Booklet.