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UMAT is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of the UMAT Consortium universities.  The test is used specifically to assist with the selection of students into the medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at undergraduate level at the universities listed on this website.

UMAT scores can be used for admission to any of the UMAT Consortium universities ONLY in the year following the test. For example, results from UMAT2014 can be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2015 but NOT 2016. Do not register for UMAT2014 unless you are planning to apply for a course commencing in 2015 AND you meet the eligibility criteria specified in the UMAT2014 Information Booklet.


Registrations for UMAT2014 are now open.

UMAT2014 Information Booklet


UMAT practice tests are now available to purchase. The preparation materials are available as online tests only.

Practice Test 1 is included in the UMAT registration fee.


UMAT2014 will be held on 30 July 2014.

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UMAT2014 registrations are open
2 December 2013

UMAT2014 Information Booklet
8 November 2013

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1 October 2013

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